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    13 November 2019

    DCI Hadirkan Hyperscale Data Center Lokal Terbesar di Indonesia Seluas 8,5 Hektar dengan Total Kapasitas Lebih dari 150 Megawatt

    Jakarta, 13 November 2019, DCI Indonesia, perusahaan lokal penyedia layanan data center, mengumumkan pembangunan gedung data center ke-tiga yang dinamakan JK3 sebagai salah satu bagian dari fasilitas hyperscale data center lokal terbesar di Indonesia.

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    26 September 2019

    What is Service Organization Control (SOC) and Why is It important?

    Today, the digital age has been transforming the nature of global business. Big or small companies must protect sensitive information about their clients, partners, employees and more. Due to the rapid advancement of cybercriminals and hacking software, data protection has become a challenging task. Hence, to defend themselves reliably, businesses are exploring new methods against potential cyber-attacks. 

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    17 August 2019

    Indonesia Day - DCI Support Digital Economy Growth

    Seventy-four years Indonesia has been independent. The proclamation of Indonesia’s independence on August 17th, 1945 was not the end of the struggle. The next generation continues to strive forward to build the country and compete on the world stage.  

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    03 May 2019

    Connecting to The Future Customer Gathering PT DCI Indonesia

    PT DCI Indonesia (DCI) untuk pertama kalinya mengadakan kegiatan Customer Gathering dengan tema “Connecting to The Future” yang berlokasi di Kempinski Hotel Indonesia Jakarta.   Acara ini adalah  bentuk ucapan syukur dan terima kasih atas dukungan dan kepercayaan pelanggan kepada DCI selama lebih dari lima  tahun memberikan Service of Excellence untuk menjamin kepuasan pelanggan.

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    14 March 2018


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    07 August 2017

    DCI Indonesia Enables Microsoft ExpressRoute Through Partnership with Equinix

    Allowing Indonesian customers to access Microsoft ExpressRoute through private network for security and reliable connection

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    03 February 2016

    Equinix Doubles Capacity of Jakarta Data Center with New Expansion

    Connection to the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) will provide increased connectivity for cloud and content provider customers

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    07 August 2014

    Indonesia data center certified Tier IV

    DCI Indonesia, partnering with global data center player Equinix, being the first data center in South-East Asia to be certified Tier IV.

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    09 October 2012

    Equinix has partnered with PT. Data Center Infrastructure Indonesia

    Equinix has partnered with PT Data Center Infrastructure Indonesia