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Financial Services

Financial Services nowadays are more complex and moving very fast with sky-rocketing growth. With more digital services getting in line and moving forward technology trends, the needs of more advanced technology cores has escalated to a whole new level. DCI’s dual network interconnections performs a highly secure and reliable data exchange between branches, data center and disaster recovery center. With a number of top multinational banks and insurances, the ecosystem of financial community has grown larger, providing an advantage for the community to connect to partners within seconds.

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Cloud performance relies a lot on reliability of connectivity, availability, and also the flexibility to accommodate growth and to handle various types of traffic and workloads. Lacking of reliability can potentially damage a company’s reputation and result in loss of business. DCI serves the market with proven high-performance through agile, secure, and always-on access data center to deliver the best user experience.


E-commerce business relies a lot on uptime and connectivity to gain maximum conversion rates. For its business continuity, other aspects also count such as data and payment security to make sure no breaches are made. E-commerce transactions builds consumer trust by limiting the risk of fraudulent activities while ensuring the privacy of consumer information. DCI Indonesia serves the E-commerce industry by providing a highly secured data center, reliable connectivity and also performed an audit to meet E-commerce business requirements such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard as the industry’s security and compliance measures.

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Todays’ enterprise data center challenges include the development of complex virtualization and cloud data center technologies to meet the needs of efficient and advanced IT services with a reasonable cost. Here at DCI, we connect enterprises and cloud services as our customers to gain mutual benefits of business efficiency and growth.


Data centers play the lead role in bringing in a high number of network carriers to interconnect and provide the robust connectivity that is stable, highly reliable, and fully redundant. DCI Indonesia as a carrier neutral data center allows business growth for network providers with the ecosystem, and also the flexibility of racks and line expansion. We believe that user experience affects your business growth; therefore, we maintain uptime for maximum application availability with redundant power and dual network configuration to ensure that user connectivity is sustained.

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